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Well its been a while since i've sat down and wrote a post but I'm so happy to be blogging again. I thought I would do a three looks one palette post as I absolutely love watching these on Youtube... especially when I'm stuck for inspiration. I was lucky enough to receive this palette for Christmas, my boyfriend clearly picked up how much I loved this by the amount of times I would go over to the Urban Decay counter and swatch it. This is my first time using the palette and I can safely say now I have tested it out with these three looks I am in love! Warm tones are my thing and these shades are just everything. Nothing in this palette let me down, all the shades were super pigmented and easy to blend, plus there are so many looks you can create.

Look One

To start the first look I started by blending Low Blow into my crease as my first transition shade making sure to build the colour up.

I then took the shade Cayenne and blended that into my crease and outer v just below the first transition shade, slowly blending it into the first shade Low Blow.

For my last crease shade I blended En Fuego into my crease below the other two shades and gently started to blend it into the other shades - eye shadow is all about starting light and building darker shades into the lighter shades. I also took this shade on my outer V to make blending the next shade easier. 

For the last shade I packed Ashes onto my lid and very lightly blended this into my transition shades. I loved the finish of this and how all of the brown shades looked when blended together.

To finish the look I took all the transition shades and completely repeated the steps on top to my lower lash line. I also applied a brown pencil liner into my water line and used a little just below my lash line to make it extra smokey when blending the shade Ashes. I then applied mascara and lashes, the lashes I used are by the brand SOSU and are in the style Kylie (I picked these up from Primark for £5!!). I then finished the look by highlighting my inner corner and brow bone. 

Look Two

To start this look I blended a mixture of Sauced and Low Blow into my crease and outer corner.

I next used the shade Cayenne and placed this on my outer corner and also onto the inner part of my eye and lightly through the crease as I wanted to go for a spotlight/halo eye.

I deepened both sides using both En Fuego and Ashes but made sure to use a little at a time. With the shade Ashes I made sure to keep it very close to the edges of my eye as I didn't want to over blend darker shades into my crease and lose my transition shades. 

I then cut my crease into a spotlight eye using my concealer and a small, flat brush. I then used a small fluffy brush and diffused the concealer edges using the shade En Fuego and Cayenne to ensure there were no harsh lines. 

Next I packed the shade Lumbre onto the wet concealer base and diffused the edges again using En Fuego to ensure the lid shade blended seamlessly into the outer shades. This shade is gorgeous and probably my fave in the palette!

On this particular day I was feeling glitter (theres not many days I'm not) so I added some of the Urban Decay Glitter Liner in the shade Cat Call to the centre lid shade but you could completely leave it with just the shade Lumbre as its stunning but I always get carried away. I finished my base make up and added lashes, highlighted my inner corner and brow bone and blended the same matte shades used above under my lower lash liner starting lightest to dark. 

Look Three

For the last look I blended Sauced into my crease as my first transition shade.

I then took the shade He Devil to deepen my crease and outer corner as my second transition shade. I found these eyeshadows blended so easily and you only needed a small amount for amazing pigmentation!

I then took a mixture of En Fuego and Ashes to deepen the outer corner and crease. With this look I made sure to keep the shade Ashes to the outer V and avoided blending it into the crease as I wanted the outer V to have a little more definition. 

For the lid shade I took Scorched using my finger and packed it onto my lid meeting with the outer corner shade. This shade is stunning and so buttery! You honestly needed the smallest amount and its so pigmented. I diffused the edges using En Fuego so there was no harsh edges between the lid shade and outer corner shades.

After i'd done my base make up I added a brown pencil liner to my water line and blended all the matte shades Id used above to my lower lash liner starting lightest to darkest. With the shade Ashes I used a small defining brush and made sure to keep this shade very close to the lash line and gently smoke it out. I finished the look by highlighting my brow bone and inner corner and then added some lashes (lashes really do complete the look!). These lashes are the Tatti Lashes in the style TL6 - My new faves!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post. If you already have this palette hopefully this will give you some inspiration for the next time you decide to use it, and if you don't already have it, well... you definitely should.

Imogen xxx

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  1. Love the looks you did with this palette x


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