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So last year I was introduced to Make Up Geek through some of my favourite Youtubers/Bloggers I follow and I completely get why this brand is super popular. After watching several tutorials using these shadows I was instantly like I really need to try these out cause for the price they looked amaaaaazing and to alllllllll us beauty obsessed gals our wishes came true when Beauty Bay started stocking this brand! I went a bit overboard with my first ever order because to be honest I was ridiculously excited and I just wanted to try them all. Over the last year I have built up my collection that I'm super happy with but there is constantly new shades I want to try.... make up wish lists just never end right?


Make Up Geek shadows are so impressive. The quality of them is no different to high end and I actually prefer them to several high end shadows I've tried.  The shade range is incredible so it really caters for everyone depending on what shades you personally prefer. Nearly all of them blend out beautifully with no struggling and out of the ones I've tried nearly all of them have been super pigmented. These currently retail at £6 on Beauty Bay.

Foiled - I just love the formula of their foiled eyeshadows. They are so pigmented and appear so vivid on the eyes. Even though they are foiled and appear more shimmery they are still super creamy and buttery. I definitely need to purchase more as I always use these if I know I want really intense pigment on the eyes and their foiled formula never disappoints. These currently retail at £9.25 on Beauty Bay.

Row 1

Peach Smoothie - Soft peach matte - I don't use this too often as it doesn't show too pigmented on me but when I do I just use this through the crease as a initial transition shade or to add a subtle amount of peach.

Beaches and Cream - Soft peachy, beige matte - This is very similar to Peach Smoothie therefore I use this similarly to build up transition shades with a warm eyeshadow look.

Creme Brûlée -  Soft warm, sand matte - This is my absolute go-to transition shade, it works so well for nearly every eyeshadow look I do.

Bake Sale - Soft brown - I use this shade as a transition shade and on the outer V before going in with a deeper shade.

Latte - Medium, brown matte - I use this to deepen up the crease and add definition to my outer V.

Barcelona Beach -  Cool toned pale, bown matte - I use this as a transition shade if I do a cool toned look and it works perfectly.

Homecoming - Brown/gold shimmer - I tend to use this shade a lot for day time looks for a subtle shimmer on the lid blended with a soft brown in the crease.

Row 2

Pocket Change - Soft bronze shimmer - If I'm honest I haven't picked up this shade yet which is a slight reminder that I need to try it out! I'm loving bronzes and golds on the eyes at the moment with coral lipsticks for spring/coming into summer so ill definitely pick this up soon.

Goddess - Soft copper shimmer - This shade is stunning all over the lid in a warm toned look.

Cabin Fever - Warm red toned matte brown - A gorgeous warm shade that I often use to deepen and define my outer V.

Coco Bear - Very warm matte brown with red undertones - This is one of my top 5 from Make Up Geek as its the most perfect brown for warm looks especially deepening the crease and outer V.

Early Bird - Warm orange matte with yellow undertones (darker version of Chickadee) - Along with orange tones on my eyes I pick this up to use in the crease along with Chickadee.

Chickadee - Pale orange matte with yellow undertones - Another firm favourite, I always use this when using orange tones on my eyes as a transition shade.

Side Kick - Warm red, cinnamon matte brown - I absolutely love this shade, I often use it through the crease and on the outer V along with Cocoa Bear.

Row 3

Shimma Shimma - Light champagne shimmer - The perfect inner corner and brown bone highlight - I pick this up nearly every day.

White Lies - Pure white matte - I don't tend to reach for this for an all over white unless I use concealer as a base as I don't find it comes up to pigmented on me but I do use this for highlighting the inner corner.

Ice Queen - Pure white shimmer - Similarly to White Lies I don't tend to use this as an all over lid shade but use it often to highlight my inner corner when I want a bright white highlight.

In The Spotlight - Soft champagne, pink foiled - This is gorgeous for the inner part of your eye and as a lid shade.

Legend - Bronze foiled - This is another shade that I haven't used to often which is now another reminder I need to try this out more! I think its because I nearly always pick up Flamethrower as I just love oranges on my eyes but this shade is gorgeous so I must use it more!

Flamethrower - Bold orange/copper foiled - My all time favourite Make Up Geek Shadow. Its honestly the most stunning shade and I love it all over the lid to make my brown eyes pop.

Morocco - Bright orange matte - I absolutely love orange tones on my brown eyes so this is regularly picked up for the crease or all over the lid with their foiled shadow Flamethrower.

Row 4

Cosmopolitan - Rose gold shimmer - This shade is stunning and if you love rose gold this is for you! I use this as an all over lid shade - its beautttttiful!

Cherry Cola - Deep red, brown matte - I use this shade for deepening up warm toned looks but also all over the lid for dark purple/cranberry looks.

Bitten -  Deep matte burgandy - Perfect for cranberries/burgandys on the eyes or deepening up warm looks.

Burlesque - Deep warm, burgundy shimmer - I use this all over the lid usually when doing cranberry/burgandy eyes. This shade, Bitten and Cherry Cola are all extremely similar.

Row 5

Mocha - Deep brown matte - I love using this shade in cool toned looks to help deepen before sometimes adding black.

Badabing - Matte deep brown with flecks of gold - This shade is stunning but when applied the flecks of gold don't show too much.

Take Two - Olive Green Foiled - Such a stunning olive green. Im a sucker for olive green shades so when I saw one from one of my favourite brands I had to get it. This shade has never disappointed for an olive green eye look.

Envy -  Deep green shimmer - An absolutely gorgeous green! Perfect for a green smokey eye.

Corrupt - Pure black matte with subtle flecks of glitter - A seriously good black to have in your collection, super pigmented and very black!

Manny MUA palette

T-B, L-R - Atemis, Beaches & Cream, Luna, Cosmopolitan, Brick, Frappe, Insomnia, Mars, Aphrodite

Manny is one of my favourite Youtubers, I absolutely love him as he is super talented and so funny to watch. When I first saw his video swatching his palette in collaboration with Make Up Geek I fell in love. Admittedly I already had a couple of shades from this but the other shades in the palette completely sold it to me and I had to get it. None of the shades in this palette have disappointed me and I'm honestly so happy I got hold of this as I pick it up so so often. I'm sat here trying to narrow down my favourite shades from the palette and I just cant as I love every single one for a different reason. I love this palette as it holds shades that I don't own similar ones to in my collection.

Artemis - Pearl/champagne shimmer - Oh my god this shade.. literally the best highlight shade for inner corner and brow bone - its stunning, so pigmented and truly makes your eyes pop like crazzzy.

Beaches and Cream - (Previously mentioned above)

Luna - Rose gold foiled finish - This shade is absolutely beautiful for all over the lid. I honestly reach for this so so much with the warm shades through my crease and aphrodite on the outer V.

Cosmopolitan - (Previously mentioned above)

Sora - Medium brick shade matte with flecks of sparkle - Perfect to warm up the crease and as a transition shade.

Frappe - Medium matte brown  - I often use this to deepen up the crease and the outer V before going in with a darker shade.

Insomnia - Reddish brown with blue reflects, foiled & duo chrome finish - This shade is so unique, I don't have a similar shadow in my collection. Its absolutely gorgeous on the lid.

Mars - Matte red - Again I don't own a similar shade to Mars so its great to have in my collection. Its such a lush red and really compliments insomnia in an eye look.

Aphrodite - Deep Plum - I use this shade mainly to deepen my outer V in looks and it always blends beautifully and adds the perfect amount of definition.


I was dying to try some blushes from this brand and I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to chooses the shades I wanted to purchase but when they arrived i'm so glad I did as I love these so much. These didn't disappoint me at all just like their eyeshadows. They are all super pigmented, easy to use and blend out beautifully into the skin. These currently retail at £9.25 on Beauty Bay.

Romance - Peach with gold shimmer - I use this shade often when I want a shimmery pop of blush. This shade is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me very much of a peachier version of NARS Orgasm.  

Love Letter - Mauve - I'm a sucker for mauve shades so of course I pick this up, I love this shade when I don't want my blush to be to bright.

Spellbound - Salmon pink - I pick this one up for that perfect pop of pink.

So this is my whole Make Up Geek collection. I love this brand so much, they do some really great quality products for reasonable prices. If you haven't yet tried anything from them I highly recommend trying them, I'm pretty confident you wont be disappointed!

Have you tried anything from Make Up Geek? What are your favourites?

Thanks for reading.

Imogen xxx


  1. I haven't tried this brand before, but it's sounds like their products are good value x


    1. Its a really good brand their products have always been such great quality! Thank you for reading :) xx

  2. Hey! I love the name of the colours- like Frappe, Artemis and Peach Smoothie!

    Really creative! I definitely see your passion for beauty!


    1. Hi! Yes the names are pretty creative! and thank you so much! :) Thanks for reading! x

  3. it all looks like really good products!

    The Fashion Matters- Travel & Fashion Blog

    1. The brand is really great value for the quality! Thanks for reading :) x

  4. I love the shades you chose, Cosmopolitan is gorgeous!

    Leah xx

    1. Thank you! Cosmopolitan is one of my faves!! Thank you for reading! :) xx


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