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Over the past couple of weeks I have accumulated a fair few products from NYX so I thought i'd put them all together in a haul. NYX is a favourite brand of mine from the drugstore so I love trying new products of theirs and I think they are really well priced. I think one of the main things I love about this brand is that they stock such a great variety of products and its now so much easier to get hold of them in the UK. One of the main things I knew I wanted to get was some glitters however I was really struggling to find some from the drugstore so NYX answered all my prayers here!

Glitters and Pigments £5.50
L-R - Blue, Violet, Rose, Crystal, Copper, Gold, Ice, Luna

As you might already be able to tell I'm just a little, okay maybe a lot... make up obsessed. I'm always wearing eyeshadow, big lashes and a bold lippy however I haven't branched out much and experimented with glitters or bold colours. I do love creating different eye looks but when I went to my collection I found I was lacking in glitters, pigments and all different colours however if you need a warm neutrals palette I'm ya gal! NYX stock a really good selection of glitters and pigments and at just £5.50 I had to purchase some... super excited to try these!

Ultimate Brights Palette £16

I saw they had this palette when I was browsing the stand and I thought this would be perfect for my collection as I knew I was on the hunt for some more colours and these are the type of bold colours I was looking for. I've not yet tried any eyeshadows from NYX so I'm looking forward to trying these and seeing what the pigmentations like and how easy they are to blend. Such a beautiful palette!

Soft Matte Lip Creams £5.50 
L-R - Cairo, Cannes, Stockholm

I already own one other Soft Matte Lip Cream in a dark red (Copenhagen) and as I know I really like this formula which is very soft and creamy and doesn't dry your lips out I decided to purchase some more. I went for Cairo which is your perfect pure nude, Cannes which is a brown nude with pinky tones, and Stockholm which is a peachy/beige nude.

Butter gloss - Fortune Cookie £5

The Butter glosses are probably my favourite glosses from the drugstore. My absolute go-to lipgloss would definitely be the Butter gloss in the shade Creme Brûlée, its a beautiful light pinky nude shade. So when I saw they had a true nude shade I had to get it and when I swatched it its honestly the perfeeeeect nude for me. If you haven't tried the Butter glosses from NYX I would definitely recommend them, I'm always purchasing more and they never disappoint. 

Glam Liner - Aqua Luxe - Nude £5.50

I've been using NYX glitter liners for a while now and I think they are really good. I recently created my first cut crease look using one their glitter liners and I was so impressed with how easy it was to use and it gave the perfect amount of glitter. When I saw they did one in a nude shade I had to have it!

Glitter Primer £8

I purchased this along with the glitters as I knew I would need something to stick them with on my eyelids. I was really happy with the price of this so I'm hoping it works well.

 Lip Liners £3

L-R - Peekaboo Neutral , Mauve, Prune

I needed some more lip liners in my collection so I thought these would be some good ones to try and they have such a great colour range. The best thing is they are just £3! I could have purchased so many more but I had to control myself slightly and I walked away with three. I decided to go for Peekaboo Neutral which is a nude shade with pink tones, Mauve which is exactly as the shade describes - the perfect pinky mauve, and Prune which is a gorgeous purple/plum shade.

Have you tried anything from NYX? What are your faves?

Thanks for reading!

Imogen xxx


  1. I love the NYX Glitters! I have this eyeshadow palette but the Warm Neutrals version and love it.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | Instagram

  2. I tried one of the glitters for the first time this week and I'm obsessed! They're so good! I've seen the Warm Neutrals version it looks gorgeous may have to try it.

    Thanks for reading :) xx


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