MAC Mariah Carey Collection

This MAC holiday collection is definitely one I've been most excited about! I'm obsessed with completely everything from the colour choices to the packaging.. it really does show what Mariah Carey is all about... glitter and glam! I purchased all five lipsticks as I seriously couldn't choose between them, three of the lip glasses, one of the blushes and the extra dimension skin finish. The whole collection is super pretty and girly which is perfeeeeeect for us beauty lovers!

   Lipsticks - I get so, All I want, Dahhlinggg, Mcizzle, Bit of bubbly - £17

I think the first thing to catch any make up lovers eye here is this gorgeous, super glam packaging! It is the classic MAC lipstick shape with a stunning silver glitter finish. Each lipstick has a butterfly imprint which is too perfect to ruin! They definitely scream Mariah Carey with all the sparkle and I'm obsessed. I ended up purchasing all five as I seriously loved them all. My favourite kinda lip is for sure a nude so the three nudes all won my heart straight away but I really wanted to give the frost finish ones a go as I loved the sheen and wanted to try something different!

   Blush - Sweet sweet fantasy £20

Out of the two blush shades in the collection I was definitely more drawn to this shade as I prefer coral blushes over bubblegum pinks... perfect for everyday wear! The packaging follows same the glam theme in the collection however instead of the sparkly, glitter finish its a beautiful gold compact with Mariah's signature on the front. 

   Extra dimension skin finish - My mimi £26.50

I'm completely obsessed with the this product - how beautiful is it? Its a gorgeeeeeous deep golden shade which would be perfect as a highlighter for those with a darker skin tone, however for us with a more fairer skin tone it can be used as a bronzer or an eyeshadow. The packaging is the same as the blushes, a stunning gold compact with Mariah's signature. 

    Lip glasses - Rainbow interlude, Its just like honey, Dreamlover £16.50

This is my first ever time trying any of MACs lip glasses so I'm pretty excited about them. The packaging is the classic lip glass shape with an added touch of sparkle with the glitter finish lid following on from the lipstick packaging. Rainbow Interlude caught my eye first because it is beaaaaaaautiful and super girly. Its a stunning pinky white shade with iridescent, rainbow glitter running through it. Its just like honey is a gorgeous tan shimmer and Dreamlover is a perfect peachy shimmer. Rainbow Interlude is definitely my favourite out of the three I purchased but they are all really lovely shades. 

This is my favourite collection MAC has ever brought out and I think a lot of people will agree on this!

Have you tried anything from this collection?

Imogen xxx

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