Beauty Bay Haul

Beauty Bay quickly became one of my favourite online shopping places for make up. I find myself browsing their site almost every night... but trust me this is dangerous! I think I fell in love with the site mainly for the fact they stock Make Up Geek, however they stock some other great brands such as Anastasia Beverley Hills, Morphe, Sigma and Zoeva which are all favourites of mine. Also my personal experience with ordering from Beauty Bay has always been positive and their delivery service is super fast!

Make Up Geek Eye-Shadows - Firstly, if you don't own any Make Up Geek eyeshadows but have been debating trying them..... please try them! My custom Z palette is one I always reach for, they do some amazing shades and the consistency of them is perfect and the best thing is the price! They are so affordable with the standard shadows priced at £5.50 and their foiled shadows priced at £8.50. When I saw they had brought out some new shades for autumn I had to get my hands on some as well as a couple that had been sat in my basket for some time. I decided to go for seven of their standard shadows in Morocco, Cabin Fever, Lucky Penny, Goddess, Bake Sale, Sidekick and  Early Bird and then three of their foiled shadows in Take Two, Flamethrower and Legend.

Make Up Geek Blushes - Having nearly filled a extra large Z palette full of Make Up Geek eyeshadows I thought it was only right to try something else from this brand and I'm pretty obsessed with blush at the moment. I went for the shades Spellbound, Love Letter and Romance and when they arrived I was extremely happy with the shades I chose. They look stunnnnning. This was truly relieving after how long i'd spent trying to pick the shades I wanted! These are priced at £8.50 each.

Z Palette Extra Large - I already own one of these Z palettes and they are pretty much your basic, magnetic palette which is perfect for storing your single shadows, blushes, and contour pans etc. I purchased the larger palette so I was able to fit all my shadows in one, leaving me with the smaller one for my new blush pans. They do these palettes in different colours if you are after a more colourful one and I believe they do patterns too! This palette itself is priced at £22.50 however, they stock all different sizes for different prices.

Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki Brush - The reason for purchasing this brush was to use it for blending in my concealer. I currently only ever use my Beauty Blender which I LOVE however, I wanted to change it up a bit and experiment with a brush! I saw a couple of youtubers I watch use this brush in their tutorials and their concealer looked flawless...... and we all want flawless skin right?! So i'm pretty excited to try this out... hopefully I love it as much as my trusty Beauty Blender! This brush is priced at £17.50.

What are your favourite Beauty Bay purchases? I have to admit I mainly love Beauty Bay for Make Up Geek.... the products are such great quality for the price!

Thanks for reading!

Imogen xxx

Moving out for the first time

Wow have I really been moved out for over two years now? Apparently so! Moving out for the first time can be extremely daunting but oh so exciting! When me and my boyfriend decided we were going to get a place together we literally had nothing... no furniture, no home decor.. we were starting from scratch and believe me it's not cheap! Home ware shopping will become your favourite hobby! We brought stuff for our flat over time because as much as I would have loved it all finished in one day it just wasn't realistic and you soon realise this! I remember our first night in our apartment like it was yesterday... we had a sofa, a mattress and a few appliances but honestly it all comes together in time and we made the most perfect little home. The first night is the strangest because you're in a new place and not your usual bedroom you've grown up in and it takes time to get used to all of the noises of the house. We are now in our second home together and rent a two bedroom house so I thought I would share with you some of my experiences of moving out.

Feeling safe - This is a big one for me. Feeling safe in my own home is a massive thing to me as I worry A LOT. At first this was probably my biggest struggle when we first moved out. Karl adjusted to it all really well but I took a bit longer in terms of being home alone and feeling safe. I wouldn't even have a shower when I was on my own and I would constantly be listening out for every little noise. Having now been moved out for over two years I can finally say i've adjusted to it and feel safe when being at home alone (the majority of the time... theres definitely still times where i'm a bit on edge but it's no where near as bad as I used to find it). I think feeling safe in the area you live in is essential also but if you are like me and are quiet a worrier you will definitely adjust it will just take a little bit longer!

Bills and costs - This is probably the most important factor of moving out... it really is essential you add up all your costs and ensure you can afford them! I've got to say Karl was amazing and i've learnt a lot from him as he became independent very quickly and was majorly on top of bills whereas I hadn't even had a direct debit before. He has taught me how to manage all my money and keep on top of my direct debits each month. Before looking into renting we had no idea just how expensive it was.. as we had to pay a deposit, the first months rent and referencing fees so in our experience it didn't happen over night but we all need to start somewhere!

Food shop - We have always been pretty good with the food shop. I make a meal plan every week so that we only buy what we need and don't waste food. I am a pretty organised person so the thought of going food shopping with no list and no ideas of dinners for the week is an absolute disaster waiting to happen. I find that meal planning helps you to stay on top of healthy eating otherwise I would just find myself picking up whatever I saw and whatever I thought looked nice... which would then result in over spending but also a lot of waste. I think you find your own way of how you shop best but you definitely learn a lot as you go. I personally love being able to do the food shop and choose my own dinners as another bonus is not buying in naughty foods that you don't want around for moments of weakness.... even if I do majorly fail at resisting going to the supermarkets mid-week and giving into my chocolate cravings.

Having regular clear outs - This one is so important in my case as I never use to get rid of anything but it really is vital in creating storage space! I had so much stuff and half of it I wouldn't even look at. My biggest weakness is not chucking out clothes. I can never bring myself to get rid of clothes because I convince myself i'll wear it again.... but do I? Nope. Whenever I decide to have a proper clothes sort out nowadays I will ask myself 'When was the last time I wore this?' and 'Realistically will I ever wear this again?' On so many occasions I have kept clothes and a year later I still haven't worn them and I have finally learnt from this and my clear outs nowadays are so much more successful.

Decor - Having a whole house to decorate just the way you want it is great. We currently private rent so painting and putting stuff up on the walls isn't really an option for us however, I use candles, stand up frames and ornaments to add that personal touch. I also found some self standing shelves from IKEA which are perfect as you don't need to drill into anyway walls! The smallest things make the biggest difference such as cute bedding with a ton of cushions, rugs and sofa cushions to add some colour.

IKEA - This place will become your best friend in terms of furniture... I strongly recommend you take a visit!

Cleaning - All I really have to say for cleaning is that it is NEVER ENDING.. and you soon realise this when all you seem to find yourself doing is spending your time cleaning what you've just cleaned.

Having your own space - Ahhh the best bit about moving out... being able to have a shower whenever you want and watching whatever you want on the telly! It really is the little things. Having your own space really does make all of the having your own place struggles worth it. Another bonus is using all your space however you wish you to use it. We use our spare room for the wardrobe and my make up desk area and its a dreaaaaaam... having so much space for make up storage is only right!

There is a lot to learn with moving out but it is the most exciting experience and I don't have any regrets because its all about learning what works. I hope this post gives you some ideas and a little bit of inspiration if you're looking into moving out for the first time!

Thanks for reading.

Imogen xxx 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - Surreal Light

Ooooops another make up splurge but how could I resist such a dreamy product?! I had been dying to try Hourglass for the longest time mainly for their Ambient Lighting Powders as I had heard great things about these for setting your full face of make up and this new Limited Edition Palette definitely swayed me to finally make an order! 

Of course i'm going to mention the packaging because its a gorgeous marble effect and I haven't seen any other make up product with a similar look. Its beauttttttiful and completely luxurious!

The Palette contains five different powders:

Surreal Light - This is described as a sheer nude which is perfect for setting your full face of make up. This powder gives your face the most gorgeous, healthy glow. I have honestly found a new love for Hourglass powders through this particular shade, I haven't come across an all over face powder quiet like this. 

Surreal Bronze Light - A neutral, tan shade bronzer. The shade is definitely designed to give your face a natural, tanned glow and this is exactly what it does.

Surreal Glow - A neutral pink blush. This blush added a flattering flush of colour to my cheeks, this will definitely be a blush I continue to reach for... its stunning and perfect for everyday wear.

Surreal Effect - A more intense pink bush. This blush is a stronger pink shade which looks perfect for that extra pop of colour.

Surreal Strobe Light - A peachy, neutral highlight. This highlight definitely showed on my cheekbones however it wasn't too intense, it was the perfect amount of glow. 

My overall thoughts on this product were extremely good. The powders were very fine making them easy to apply but also had the right amount of pigmentation to make them look amazing. The product is more on the expensive side at £69 but I would say its worth the money for the quality and the fact it contains five powders all with a different use together in one compact. Also the shades are all brand new from Hourglass so you won't already own any of these! Im certainly not disappointed with my choice to buy this palette it was everything I expected from my first Hourglass purchase and more! 

Let me know your favourite Hourglass products if you have tried any.... I'm dying to try more from this brand!

Imogen xxx
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