Belly Boos Sweet Shop

Whilst away last week visiting Norfolk we ended up in a lovely little seaside town on the outskirts of Great Yarmouth called Gorleston. This place was beautiful but this blog post is purely to talk about an amaaaaazing sweet shop we discovered! 

So when browsing Instagram looking at Gorleston before deciding to take a trip there pictures kept appearing on my feed of these delicious looking milkshakes stacked with all sorts of goodies. Now me and Karl being proper foodies had to check this place out whilst being up this way... it was only right.

Belly Boos was part sweet shop, part milkshake parlour serving milkshakes (obviously), ice creams, hot chocolates, coffees, donuts and more! The sweet shop side of it definitely had an american influence with all sorts of sweets and chocolate. The seating area side served all the drinks and snacks however they could also be made for taking away. We had definitely decided we wanted one of their amazing milkshake creations and the menu had so many wonderful choices, but this is also a major problem for me being someone who can never make their mind up! After staring at the same menu, and the same Instagram pics for inspiration I finally made my mind up and went for the 'Big Reeses'. 

This milkshake was sooo good. It was served in a cute jar topped with whipped cream, Reeses Pieces, Reeses Buttercups and Reeses wafer bars, and it was drizzled in chocolate sauce. The milkshake itself had a delicious peanut butter taste to it with pieces of nuts in it. It was honestly lush. Karl went for the 'Apple Spice' milkshake and oh my god his looked incredible.. unfortunately I didn't get a picture that did his justice but trust me if you love apple pie and cinnamon you would love this! 

Ok.. so because we loved this place so much we returned the next day! It was our last day and we desperately wanted to try just one more before going home because there was so many amazing flavours! (Diet starts now) 

I went for the 'Strawberry Spectacular' which is the kinda milkshake you just look at and think 'wow'. This milkshake was topped with whipped cream, a ring donut covered in strawberry icing and coloured sprinkles, strawberry millions sweets, and drizzled in strawberry sauce. They also slotted a packet of popping candy into the top and tied a strawberry lace around the handle of the jar which I thought was such a lovely touch and you could see the effort they had put into all their creations. Oh and the strawberry milkshake itself tasted fabulous! 

This place certainly did not disappoint.. everything was perfect including the wonderful service, they were all very friendly! I couldn't recommend this place enough if you're ever up this way and have a proper sweet tooth or love a milkshake!

Thanks for reading!

Imogen x

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